If we want to seriously address the current century’s challenges, we have to think out of the box. Our goal is to inspire and to deliver tangible ideas and solutions. In order to optimize our participant experience, SB Paris plenary and hub session content, networking opportunities and workshop formats are drastically off the beaten track.







“The time for talk is over, now is the time for change, for creation and for concrete examples. What are we doing, today, to have branding and advertising broaden mental horizons, converse with the world at large, open eyes or excite R&D teams and investors, thereby enabling brands to create lasting consumer preference because of their committed actions?

At Pixelis, we believe that sustainability is an opportunity for every brand to be reborn: from what it does to how it does it, but also what it imagines and what it feels… What is its ‘take’ on things? It is a chance to become more real, more ‘up close and personal’ –  and more alive. Likewise, we believe that the more a brand can be creative with how it conveys sustainability, the more effective its actions will be.

Pixelis is proud to be a partner of Sustainable Brand Paris because it is the only event in the world that directly approaches sustainability from the brand perspective.  It is 3 whole days to get inspired, to experience the new, to go networking and to share what we do – and, in so doing, shake up the branding world.”

The daughter of a shop-keeper who loved his work, Clémence grew up playing a game in which the shop display was a theatre set and product range development a family playground. Clémence grew up projecting into each packaging the household object it was destined to be. Naturally, for her, commerce is a noble business and cannot be dissociated from notions of either design or committed action. Commerce for Clémence means sharing, discovering, a love of product and a respect for customers. It is a fundamentally a lasting business. For her, everything about it, should be creative, from price to segmentation and from labels to bags. Creativity should be present in every aspect of commerce: this is the foundation of strong differentiation!

Clémence believes that a brand is not a shell but an energy that radiates outwards. A brand has change and renewal built-in, it has that fluidity that allows it to adapt to context: ideas have no substance before they take the solid form of life – those individual experiences that make them unique.

After studying art history and semiotics she then worked in consumer research (first with Hansen and then ID MAP, the trending analysis agency she co-founded in 2006). Clémence joined Pixelis and its Branding for Good three years ago.

Since then, Clémence has been the Creative Loop Captain for Pixelis. As a creative maker For Good, specialising in re-branding issues, Clémence designs and leads the brand transformation projects given to the agency by manufacturers and retailers.

With her head in the future, her hands in the engine and her heart in the brand, Clémence and the Pixelis creatives defy accepted strategy, marketing and design by creating short cuts between, or layering up, the various  dimensions of projects. Their principle is simple: new world, new branding culture, new branding solutions, new branding tools, a little bit of the wild touch and a lot of energy! The For Good brands are real brands that fight against conventional marketing.. For Good branding is always ad hoc and formed free-style.

One goal: find the right mix of concept, angle of attack and an operational launch pad for each project that will lift it above and beyond any pre-existing ideas, avoiding all imitations,  enriching the brand’s singularity whilst simultaneously positioning committed purpose at the heart of the brand..

For Clémence and Pixelis, branding is more than a tool, it is the weapon they have chosen to change the world.