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My guiding principle is to champion the curious and the kind.”

Anahita is the founder of the coaching practice Neural Beings and the Chief Mindfulness Officer & Co-Founder of a New York-based investment fund dedicated to impact investments.

She serves as a coach, trainer and an international speaker for business leaders, global organizations and startups, bringing her “Awakening Organization” methodology to businesses – which she has developed over the last 8 years.

Anahita’s pragmatic methodology is rooted in contemplative science—which blends modern neurosciences & psychology with Eastern practice & wisdom.

Her approach focuses on the root causes of dysfunction in organizations at individual, interpersonal and organizational levels, addressing issues such as individual disconnect, competition, fear, stress, lack of awareness and trust, and helps implement an intelligent and effective approach to establishing the basis for a culture of cooperation and creativity, which yields happiness and promotes efficiency within companies.

She has held masterclasses and led workshops at various conferences and events worldwide, including the World Happiness Summit, the Harvard Business School Club, Soho House NY, l’Echappée Volée (Paris), thecamp (Aix en Provence, France), Feast Conference for Social Good, Social Media Week NY, the 88, the Lowell Hotel, Civic Hall, and more.

Her clients include top executives, entrepreneurs, UN staff, diplomats, economists, as well as leaders in hospitality, design, technology, finance and social innovation.