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The company of tomorrow will be one that is able to combine intelligence, mission and sustainable growth. There is no other way and there is no better conference in which to reinvent this necessary commitment.”

Already responsible for the sustainable development of a large banking group in the early 2000s, Candice Colin is a serial entrepreneur for a positive economy. Selected by the French newspaper La Tribune among 100 players that are transforming the French economy in 2019, she is committed to a renewed relationship between consumers, brands and distributors, particularly striving for greater transparency in cosmetic retail and industry.

In 2017, Candice launched CLEAN BEAUTY, the pioneer app for decrypting cosmetic ingredients in France, providing total transparency to consumers.  With nearly 700 000 users in France, CLEAN BEAUTY is currently the only universal mobile app that can identify controversial ingredients and allergens in all cosmetics.

Today Candice takes a new step toward building a new confidence pact between consumers and distributors with BEAUTYLITIC, the first SaaS API for analyzing hygiene and care products for retailers who guarantee their product quality, although they do not really understand the composition of the products that they offer to increasingly informed clients. By providing retailers with the opportunity to fully understand the chemical composition of their product catalog, she helps them manage their referencing more responsibly while meeting real expectations for transparency.