If we want to seriously address the current century’s challenges, we have to think out of the box. Our goal is to inspire and to deliver tangible ideas and solutions. In order to optimize our participant experience, SB Paris plenary and hub session content, networking opportunities and workshop formats are drastically off the beaten track.

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I am eager to share with SB Paris delegates what it will look like and feel like to live in cities in 2050 through the Villa Shamengo example. The Villa Shamengo: the way forward for a new lifestyle.”

An international TV reporter and director for the flagship programs and documentaries of France 2, France 3, France 5 and Arte, Catherine Berthillier has been denouncing for more than 20 years through investigative reports, those who destroy the world. In 2011, she decided to use her skills and talents to help promote those who develop positive solutions to build the world of tomorrow. She launched Shamengo, a community that brings together the best of green, social and digital innovation on the planet. Shamengo is a neologism meaning “shaman” (who has the power to go from one dimension to another), “men” (humanity) and “go” (for action). She shoots video portraits of Shamengo pioneers all over the world. Her next challenge? Building from scratch a “Villa Shamengo”. This edutainment living lab will display, under one same roof, some of the most exceptional innovations in the world. This house-school-laboratory aims to promote a new way of life based on 4 values: caring for the mind and body, creating in an ethical way, protecting the planet and caring for others. This world premiere is hosted in the city of Bordeaux and the construction of this eco-designed building will start in June 2019 through a collaborative construction site.