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” As an Impact journalist spending time to interview changemakers: people who are making purpose in their businesses in France & all over the world, I am interesting in meeting our CEO’s who are changing our society too. “

With lion’s hair, a smile as big as the moon and the ‘Heart-Pic’ as her signature features, Cyrielle promotes messages of peace, tolerance and coexistence in the mainstream media (Paris Match, Ushuaia TV, D8), on social networks and through her own blog. Each of her encounters demonstrates that a more altruistic society exists. She shares the voice of her interviewees with passion and optimism. Cyrielle started out as a journalist for Direct 8 (C8). She later on decided to give further meaning to her life through humanitarianism and ecology. As a Green & Positive Journalist, Cyrielle shines the light on Changemakers through her posts and media interventions. She participated in the COP21 with Paris Match and, since January 2016, she appears on Ushuaia TV every week (Ushuaia le mag). With each interview, she brings the new world closer to us – a world in which aiming for the impossible can result in success. Her commitment to humanitarian, ecological and sustainable development issues has given Cyrielle the possibility to meet some of the most renown actors in these domains, such as Pierre Rabhi, Nicolas Hulot, Jean-Michel Cousteau, Paul Watson, Yann-Arthus Bertrand, Robert Redford, cacique Raoni, Marion Cotillard, Etienne Bourgeois, Romain Troublé… Her “Heart-Pic” movement is represented by her own heart that today beats stronger than ever for the underprivileged and highlights the positive values of Humankind to #MakeABetterWorld!