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” Just 80 years from now, we will walk into a new century; by then I hope that Ethiopia and the rest of the continent will fully participate in the world economy with its citizens enjoying peace and health in abundance: Fair Game for All. “

Born in the country of legends, Ethiopia, I grew-up surrounded by a spirit of global citizenship. Early on in my life, my education at the French school ,Lycee Guebre Mariam, introduced me to multiple cultures. This exposure allowed me to work in several Embassies and in UN agencies.

In 1985, I left my country with my French husband for The Netherlands. This is where I learnt that entrepreneurship has a double meaning; – it is both a Gateway and a solution.  Upon this realization, I started to ventured in several opportunities ranging from an Import Export business to starting a coffee corner concept “TIRU BUNA coffee chain” and my flagship realization, Moyee coffee, where I was introduced to the value of “FairChain”.

However, in all my struggles and victories one thing remains constant. The sheer belief, that great business partnerships are the way forward for Africa. This is why I have always supported African products to enter foreign markets and European investors to do business in the continent. With the lens zoomed in Ethiopia of course!