If we want to seriously address the current century’s challenges, we have to think out of the box. Our goal is to inspire and to deliver tangible ideas and solutions. In order to optimize our participant experience, SB Paris plenary and hub session content, networking opportunities and workshop formats are drastically off the beaten track.

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Business is the most powerful force on the planet today and if we can use its power to address environmental and social challenges, we will be able to create a shared and durable prosperity. All my life is dedicated to making this evolution happen and I believe Sustainable Brands can be a catalyst to accelerate the shift.”

Eric is a Purpose Driven Entrepreneur. Cofounder and Evolution Officer of Nativa, a regenerative design & consulting firm, first Certified B Corp® and Benefit Corporation in Europe. The Natural Step Italy President. Most Valuable Player 2016 of the global B Corp movement for introducing the legal form Società Benefit. Advisor to the G7. Eric leverages first principles design to create regenerative and resilient organisations. Eric advises and coaches leadership in corporations, NGOs, and the public sector to design economic activities that have a positive impact on people and biosphere. Keynote speaker, Singularity U Faculty member. Stanford, Singularity University, and Bocconi Alumnus. Ski mountaineer, triathlete, and ultratrailrunner.