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“I believe sustainability is about relevance and resilience. It is essential in order to connect with today’s purpose-driven consumer and to prepared for and prosper in the swift and irreversible changes that are happening in the environment we do business in.”

Esther has a long history in sustainable fashion. She started her sustainability journey at MADE-BY, a non-profit organization focused on making sustainable fashion common practice. Co-building the organization from scratch, she pioneered sustainable strategies, supply chain management and communications. After starting her own company, combining consultancy on sustainability strategy for corporates and strategy for social entrepreneurs, she joined PVH in 2014. In her role as VP CR for Tommy Hilfiger Global and PVH Europe, Esther is responsible for the sustainability strategy and program for Tommy Hilfiger, a global brand with around 4 billion USD turnover. The program has since become a driver of brand purpose and value, setting and performing against ambitious targets such as 100% sustainable cotton in 2020, integrating circular design and active water stewardship.