If we want to seriously address the current century’s challenges, we have to think out of the box. Our goal is to inspire and to deliver tangible ideas and solutions. In order to optimize our participant experience, SB Paris plenary and hub session content, networking opportunities and workshop formats are drastically off the beaten track.

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For 2 years, Change Factory has been working hands in hands with companies implementing programs (intrapreneurship, reverse mentoring…) with a positive impact. For us, it is crucial that every stakeholders steps in this direction and truly understand the dimensions our world offer, no matter what are their skills or positions in the company. Thats’ why I want to be a part of SB Paris.”

Jean-Noël Chaintreuil is a Cultural Analyst and keynote speaker, founder and CEO of Change Factory, the first Acculturation Lab, based in Paris, NYC and Singapore.

He has been advising major organisations (BNP Paribas, BCG, YouTube, Google, BlaBlaCar, Hermès, Chanel, L’Oréal, the City of Paris, among others) in their approach of new habits and transformations linked to an always evolving ecosystem.

He tackles issues such as future of work, intrapreneurship, reverse mentoring, employee experience, impacts of data and AI by coaching executives and managers and by guiding their teams to build the company’s future.

He is a lecturer – in Stanford, Berkeley, Sorbonne, INSEAD, HEC, etc. – an international speaker (Houston, Sydney, London, Barcelona, etc.) and renowned author – his last book has been awarded 2016 HR Book of the Year – for its ability to encourage HR and Executive Committees to design their own transformation paths and implement them by engaging their whole company.