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Paris can become the centre of an enlightened capitalist revolution where entrepreneurship is a force for good.  I and B Corps want to be part of this movement.”

Marcello Palazzi is an economist, entrepreneur and philanthropreneur, pursuing a double teenage passion for entrepreneurship and ethical values as the sources of human progress, which he later, in 1989 expressed through the creation of the Progressio Foundation (from the Latin ‘of progress’). Launched with Dr. Paul Kloppenborg in Rotterdam, the foundation has completed over 300 ventures, projects, initiatives in 33 countries under his leadership, www.progressio.org.

His latest major activity has been the launch and leadership of B Corporations in Europe (2014-2017), www.bcorporation.net. Since 2018, he serves as the B Corps’ Global Ambassador.  Palazzi has lived and studied in Italy, Switzerland, the UK, the Netherlands, and the USA. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts in London, Member of the Club of Rome, winner of The Economist Prize for his work on Strategic Philanthropy, back in 1987, probably the earliest work on the subject. Palazzi began his career as a young technology entrepreneur at age 23, growing a family business in environmental diagnostics internationally. Palazzi’s alma maters include: London School of Economics, London Business School, Erasmus University, Harvard (2013 Fellow) and Stanford (2015 fellow). Academically active, Palazzi has written “Towards the Civic Economy” in 1990, which laid the groundwork for the work of the Progressio Foundation. He has been a visiting lecturer, tutor and mentor to students and professionals for many years. Since 2017, he is also Chairman of SIX, the worldwide social innovation exchange (www.socialinnovationexchange.org).