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It’s about time the Medicis and Rapahels meet.

Historian and Prospectivist, Mathieu Baudin is the co-founder of the Institut for Desirable Futures, a school that offers the keys for understanding the current issues at stake and creative tools to all those who wish to build their future.
Former Director of the College of Advanced Studies in Sustainable Development (CHEE & DD), teacher (CNAM, Ecole Centrale, HEC), TEDx speaker and organizer, TV chronicler on France 2, he has traveled for more than 20 years between past, present and future to imagine tomorrow in the light of what could be better.
Surrounded by a team of a hundred experts and artists, he organizes and animates « intellectual explorations » to project people in the world of tomorrow.
Author of the books « Le Bonheur en marche », (Ed Guerin, 2015), with Patrick Viveret and « Sustainable Development, new ideology of the 21st century ? », (Ed l’Harmattan, Col. prospective, 2009).