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“What if something is missing in the current sustainability debate? And what if we called this something “inner sustainability”? It’s time to explore the connection between environmental and individual well-being.”

Santa has founded the German Think & Action Lab FindingSustainia, associated with the Club of Rome Germany. FindingSustainia is known for its specialised 30-day sustainability challenges in which Santa and political scientist Anna Meyer challenge themselves alongside with their growing community to bridge the think & action gap that many of us face.

FindingSustainia was voted “best sustainability blog in Germany” and presented their findings on “How “inner sustainability” can benefit the climate: Linking environmental to personal well-being “ at the climate negotiations in Bonn last year.  

With a background in EU environmental law as well as with an Indian yogi heritage, Santa combines her theoretical and practical expertise on sustainability and well-being as a speaker, lecturer and consultant in Paris, Germany and wherever she can find a good train connection.