Sports Hub Program

Brands, Sports Properties, Non Profits, Athletes and Fans are leveraging the power of sport, collaboration and purpose to take on some of the world’s toughest challenges.


The Sports Hub will inspire the Sustainable Brands community to explore how they can better leverage their investment in sport to grow their relevance in a rapidly changing world, a world where what a brand stands for counts as much to the fans, if not more, than the product it makes or the service it provides.


Each session will showcase a best of class case study, a thought provoking discussion between thought leaders in the sector to further build on the theme of the session and provide useful real life insights into the topic, and a facilitated mini design sprint with these experts to identify opportunities for innovation and accelerated impact that can be embraced as a legacy from the event.


The Sports Hub is co-chaired by Neill Duffy, CEO at Purpose + Sport, and Fabien Paget, CEO at O2 Management, two of the leading purpose led sports impact agencies in the world. Neill and Fabien both work at the forefront of the shift to purpose that is underway across the sports sector and work with major events like Super Bowl and America’s Cup; athletes like Serena Williams, Mary Pierce, Paul Meihat and Pauline Ado; sports focused non-profits like Laureus, streetfootballworld and Common Goal; and brands like Fitbit, dpd and Clif Bar & Co.


April 23 – Session 1 (11h15 – 13h15)


Innovative strategies addressing climate change and carbon within the sports sector and the opportunities this presents for brands.


Session Moderator: Neill Duffy, Chief Executive Purpose + Sport


Case Study : Paris 2024: Zero Carbon Games – Amadea Kostrzewa, Sustainability Senior Project Manager, Paris 2024


Paris 2024 will set new standards for sustainable sports events by becoming the first Olympics to align with the Paris Agreement and one of the first signatories to commit to climate neutrality through the UNFCCC’s Sport For Climate Action Framework.


Thought Leadership Panel :


Julia Palle – Senior Sustainability Consultant, Formula E

Viviane Fraisse – Head of Sustainable Development, Roland Garros

Dan Reading – Head of Sustainability, International Sailing Federation


Mini Design Sprint : All Sports Hubs Delegates


April 23 – Session 2 (14h00 – 16h00)


Taking on the world’s greatest social challenges through football, the world’s greatest game.


Session Moderator: Neill Duffy, CEO Purpose + Sport


Case Study: Common Goal – Thomas Preiss, Co-Founder


By creating a more thorough link between football players, managers, fans, organisations, brands, and football for good organisations, Common Goal has set out to join the global football community together on a team big enough and strong enough to take on the world’s toughest opponents from HIV/AIDS to gender inequality to youth unemployment. The idea is simple. Common Goal’s members pledge 1% of their earnings to a central fund. And together they allocate this fund to high-impact organisations that harness the power of football to advance the United Nations Global Goals.


Thought Leadership Panel :


Johannes Axster – Partnerships Director, streetfootballworld

Sebastian Kurczynski – Director Brand and Digital Consulting, Nielsen Sport

Francois Crisias – Manager Corporate Communication and CSR, Nissan Europe

Yoan Noguier – Co-Founder and Managing Director, Yunus Sports Lab


Mini Design Sprint : All Sports Hub Delegates


April 24 – Session 1 (11h15 – 13h15)


How the sport of sailing is stepping up to take on the challenge of ocean pollution


Session Moderator : Fabien Paget – CEO & Founder O2 Management


Case Study: The Ocean Race – Emilie Llorens, Sustainability Manager


The Ocean Race is setting new benchmarks for social and sustainable development, fan and community engagement, innovation and cutting edge technology and has become a global champion in the movement against ocean pollution.


Thought Leadership Panel:

Paul Meilhat – Champion Ocean Sailor and Ocean Activist

Scott Over – Commercial Director, International Sailing Federation

Emilie Llorens – Sustainability Manager, The Ocean Race

Alexis Haas – Director Sustainability, Global Brands at adidas AG



Mini Design Sprint : All Sports Hub Delegates


April 24 – Session 2 (14h00 – 16h00)


Sports Campaigns For Good – Sponsors, Non Profits, Sports Organizations and Athletes collaborating for Good


Session Moderator: Simon Lewis – CEO Team Planet Sport, Advisor to WWF


Case Study: Sky Rescue – Fiona Morgan, Head of Inspiring Action at Sky & Emily Penn, Oceans Advocate, Skipper & Artist


Sky’s belief that what they do goes beyond the confines of their business is at the heart of who they are as an organization. They strive to be a responsible business and believe they can affect real change by leveraging the platforms and partnerships they have access to. This is evidenced through the inspiring work they do to shine a spotlight on issues affecting things like Ocean and Rainforest health, find innovative solutions to problems, and inspire people to make small everyday changes that collectively make a huge difference.


Thought Leadership Panel:

Damien Combredet – Responsible Sport and Society, Paris 2024

Julia Palle – Chairperson, SandSI

Neill Duffy – Chair Sustainability Committee, Super Bowl 50

Piers Bradford – CEO, Project Everyone

Mini Design Sprint : All Sports Hub Delegates

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