Ulterïa Utopie

We believe in a better future in which a symbiotic economy will replace the run towards exponential growth.
Ulterïa chose a unique path : a positive way of creating value in diverse domains of society by developing an entrepreneurial project that respects people and nature

We believe that creating growth through social and environmental impact, will lead to a revalorisation of territories and a positive economical impact.
Our goal is to create value through activities interrelation in our ecosystem. This is what we consider at the roots of primary human needs.

Transmission : A world of peace begins with the education of its children and relational competence becomes key to unleashing energy in groups. That is why we have created Ulterïa Formation and a Montessori school
with 35 students.

Work : Made up of rural industrial companies, Ulterïa tests alternatives to traditional management such as
participatory democracy. Without renouncing the requirements of performance and profitability,
Ulterïa seeks to create more meaning and shared values.

Create social links : By anchoring companies in their territory, by proposing places where generations and activities mix and pollinate, Ulterïa strengthens the social bond that every human being needs.

Food : Ecological challenges are leading us to look for alternatives to intensive agriculture. The Ulterïa farm
(16 ha), a permaculture goat and vegetable farm will soon be built on the Ulteria site in Saint-Bris

In order to put our values into action, we work on a unique ecosystem that combine diverse activities and we bring dynamics in rural territories.

The materialization of Ulterïa St-Bris

A 10 ha plot of land acquired in 2017 in St Bris (89) will bring together :
The MobilWood plant and its 60 employees
Ulterïa’s farm
Montessori Elise School
An eco-citizen house
Ulterïa Formation, adult coaching

Ultra St Bris is a cohesive place, open and rooted in a rural territory. Its aim is to create a link, in a dynamic that respects the environment and the potential of each individual.
The various elements of Ulterïa St Bris will be permeable, to promote this link between schoolchildren and employees, permaculture/breeding and co-workers…
The citizen house, the centre of gravity of the eco-system, marks its entrance. By its diversity of uses, it will naturally allow exchanges: dining hall, store, offices, meeting rooms, co-working spaces.

The Montessori school (3-12 years old), whose learning methods can inspire management, will welcome up to 90 children.

Towards the common good

As a dynamic observatory for researchers, and a laboratory for new society model, Ulterïa is questioning the notion of property.
In December 2018, Alterïa fondation has become shareholder of Ulterïa.
Being made to guarantee the social values of Ulterïa and for philanthropic purpose, Alterïa is on the look for hybrid form of sustainability. It is our way to conceive business entities that serves the common good.

Convinced that innovation is a work in progress, we carry it as the base of Ulterïa ; questionning, testing, theorising, and passing down.

The team Ulterïa