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It’s obvious, brands are part of consumers’ daily life, meaning they trust our home. Brands are influencing the way we eat, we use water & energy, they affect our (personal and house) hygiene routine and our free time choices. Home is the symbolic place where major change is happening in the very next years…Feel at Home and discover the up coming trends!

Check out the interviews with our leaders from Globescan for Day 1 and  The Sustainability Consortium  for Day 2.

Globescan – Hub Home Day 1

1) Who are you? What is your fight? What are you defending? Why do you exist?

GlobeScan was founded in 1987 to help companies, NGOs and governmental organizations better navigate the challenges and opportunities of the emerging sustainable development agenda.

Since then, we evolved into an insights and strategy consultancy, focused on helping our clients build long-term trusting relationships with their stakeholders, through sustainability, purpose, and reputation.

We like to define our corporate purpose as building trusted leadership to create a better future.

We have offices in Cape Town, Hong Kong, London, Paris, San Francisco, São Paulo and Toronto. We are a participant of the UN Global Compact, and we are now a Certified B Corporation.

2) Complete this sentence: SB will fulfill my expectation if …

We believe the world needs more innovation and collaboration around how business can help drive positive change. Sustainable Brands Paris provides the perfect platform for this discussion, so we can’t wait to engage and work with the thousands of other inspired leaders to accelerate our transition to a more sustainable world.

Specific to the Home Hub, we hope these sessions will equip sustainability professionals and marketers with effective ways to engage consumers and help them adopt more sustainable behaviours at home, and beyond. Using consumer data and evidence, we aim to inspire new ideas and spark insightful yet practical discussions, in an interactive format.

3) Why come to participate in Hub Home on D-1?

GlobeScan has run multiple consumer engagement and research projects with brands and marketers over the years to help answer one key question: how to inspire more sustainable behaviours from consumers, at home and beyond?

This includes the recent Climate Action Starts at Home research conducted by GlobeScan for IKEA in 2018. GlobeScan proposes to use this research, as well as others, to focus the Hub Home discussions on identifying how best to crack of the code of consumer behaviour change.

Consumer behaviour change remains one of the most powerful ways to address the big sustainability issues of our time – from climate change to food waste, plastic waste, water, etc. Yet, this is, by far, the most difficult change imperative to tackle. Come join us to brainstorm with consumer change experts and leaders how to crack the code!

4) A FreshForward idea? (a dream, a beautiful story, etc.)

Thinking of Greta Thunberg at Davos, or in the streets of European cities recently with the climate march, which inspires us everyday: Gen Z citizens and consumers have a real power to influence action on climate change, and companies and brand must engage in this battle today!


The Sustainability Consortium – Hub Home Day 2

1) Who are you? What is your fight? What are you defending? Why do you exist?

The Sustainability Consortium (TSC) is a global organization working to transform the consumer goods industry to deliver more sustainable consumer products. We are dedicated to improving the sustainability of consumer products. Our Members and partners include manufacturers, retailers, suppliers, service providers, NGOs, civil society organizations, governmental agencies and academics. Each member brings valuable perspectives and expertise. TSC convenes our diverse stakeholders to work collaboratively to build science-based decision tools and solutions that address sustainability issues that are materially important throughout a product’s supply chain and lifecycle. TSC also offers a portfolio of services to help drive effective implementation.

2) Complete this sentence: SB will fulfill my expectation if …

We can learn more about how to engage with serious partners to drive impact at scale through adoption of TSC’s system. We’re also very interested in learning how the industry is pushing itself through the non-traditional format of SB Paris. We’re about action and have hopes that SB Paris will spark real action in reversing the negative impacts on people and the planet.

3) Why come to participate in Hub Home on D-2?

TSC is hosting a quiz show – so that’s fun! TSC is known for its toolkits that identify TSC hotspots (activities in a product’s life cycle that cause social or environmental impact), improvement opportunities (evidence supported opportunities to address hotspots) and KPIs (to help companies who produce consumer goods that live in our homes measure progress against TSC hotspots). Join us for the quiz show round and find out if you’re a hotspot hotshot. Later, after lunch, we’ll work together to find ways to help identify and improve your performance or your company’s performance. Take some strategy back to work and spark action post-SB Paris!

4) A FreshForward idea? (a dream, a beautiful story, etc.)

Our dreams are focused on the non-sexy stuff, but just as important, unlocking the system needed for sustainability data to flow across consumer goods. This data flow is key to bringing awareness to the connection between human wellbeing and environmental health, building trust with consumers and brands, and further understanding how “circularity” touches every part of the supply train across all sectors. The ability to unlock data is resulting in a willingness among companies to commit to sustainability, even if they are at zero today.

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